Can A Business Phone Help My Business During Covid-19?

Can A Business Phone Help My Business During Covid-19?

It’s a tough time for businesses at the moment. The Covid-19 crisis currently sweeping the world is bringing new threats and challenges that no person or company has faced before. In fact, we’re all in uncharted territory.

However, as the old saying goes, there’s nothing new under the sun. And whilst the entire situation as a whole is new to us, the individual problems being faced by employers and employees at this time are not.

For example, many businesses are now having to work from home. Here at Claritel, we’ve been helping our customers set up working from home capabilities for their employees for over a decade now. Admittedly, we’ve been much busier doing that over the past three weeks than we have been at any other point to date, but the processes are the same regardless of the cause.

One such way in which we have been helping our customers work from home in recent weeks is by installing business phone systems that will enable your company to work effectively, whatever circumstances its facing.

But exactly how can a business phone help your business during Covid-19? Well, a business phone can help your business weather the Coronavirus storm in a number of ways, but mainly by ensuring your business stays connected and is able to continue running, despite the lockdown restrictions.

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What Problems Are Businesses Facing During Covid-19?

In recent weeks, it has become evident that many businesses around the world are suffering and facing a series of new problems thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak. Some businesses have been forced to close by the UK Government, such as pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Others are able to keep trading but have had to shut their physical premises, operating online and via a delivery system instead, as many takeaways and local retailers have managed to do.

A lucky few businesses are able to continue operating but have had to move to a system whereby all members of staff work from home in order to comply with the lockdown restrictions, such as many services and tech businesses have been forced to do. Here at Claritel, in fact, this is the very situation we find our own business in.

Even for those fortunate businesses that are able to keep trading, such as supermarkets and factories, their day-to-day operations have been severely impacted by social distancing measures and staff absences due to self-isolation or sickness. There isn’t a business left in the UK, possibly even the world, which either hasn’t or won’t be affected by Covid-19.

And because of this, businesses have very quickly had to shift the way they work. At the very least, many are now working with their staff spread out in many different locations. The vast majority have had to abandon their offices, shops and other premises and are now working from home or even in the car, on the go.

The traditional ways of doing business have changed overnight, and businesses will need to adapt quickly if they’re going to survive the gearshift. Fortunately, that’s where Claritel comes in.

How Can A Phone Line Benefit My Business During The Coronavirus Lockdown?

It might sound contrary to common sense, but having a business phone line and traditional style landline number during this time could actually benefit your business massively.

One of the main things businesses are going to have to do, if they are going to survive the Covid-19 crisis, is stay connected. Connected to each other (i.e. between their own employees) and connected to the outside world (i.e. with their customers). In fact, it could even be argued the business telephone line is even more important now than it used to be.

We can only speak for ourselves, but here at Claritel, we’ve spent more time on the phone during the past three weeks than we ever used to do. The business phone line has become an essential part of keeping our business going during the Coronavirus lockdown.

OK, we’ll admit that the traditional landline model of a business phone line is not going to cut the mustard here. A landline number that goes only to a single telephone, fixed on an office desk, is not going to serve you well right now. Just imagine all those landlines, ringing out into empty offices as we speak! Just imagine the full voice mailboxes people will be returning to once all this is over!

But, luckily, the business phone line has moved on in recent years. Nowadays, you can have all sorts of different types of business phone, all of which will enable you to run your business from wherever you are and stay in touch with your staff and your customers, however, your business is working at the moment.

What Types Of Business Phone Solutions Are Available To Help My Business?

These days, there are numerous ways of getting a phone line for your business, all of which are much more flexible than the old fashioned landline solution.

We’re not going to get too technical here, because the ins and outs of how the phone lines work are for us to worry about, not you. However, whatever problem you’re experiencing at the moment, it’s likely that Claritel can find a telephone solution that will work for you and ensure your business keeps going throughout this crisis.

For example, if you’re very attached to your usual desk phone, we can install a system that will enable you to simply unplug your desk phone from your office station and plug the entire unit in on your home desk, giving you all the functionality of a work phone but at home.

If you now have employees working out of multiple locations (i.e. from their homes), we could provide a telephony solution that diverts calls from your usual landline number to the home phones of your team.

This could even be done using mobiles phones as the destination device too, whereby the end customer phones your normal office number, but the call is then routed through multiple mobile phones until someone answers it. This is the perfect solution for staff who are now working at home but are also

juggling childcare and similar commitments and are thus effectively working flexi-time. It means your business phone is always going to be answered despite not having a permanent reception desk.

If you’re looking for a more rounded solution, then maybe a business phone system that would enable you to carry out conference calls, record sessions or give you the ability to dial out using your office number, then all of these things are possible too.

In fact, whatever changed circumstances your business is now operating under, you can guarantee there will be a business phone solution that will be suitable, and that will ensure your business continues to run with as few disruptions as possible throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.

And the best bit? Any of these different types of business phone systems are available for much less than you would ever imagine and many of the added features come at no extra cost.

Where Can I Get A Phone Line For My Business Installed?

Here at Claritel, we’ve been sourcing and installing business phone solutions for our customers for many years now. We understand the needs of businesses and how important effective communication really is.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been run off our feet ensuring our customers can all work from home as effectively as possible and that has included installing many business phone solutions. You could say that this is our area of expertise and we’re going to continuing helping our customers through Covid-19, whatever the situation throws at us.

If you’re unsure of which business phone system would work best for you, then simply get in touch with us. We’ll take the time to understand your precise needs and find the solution that works best for you, your employees, your customers and your budget.

You can contact us via the website, drop us an email at or phone us on 0344 412 8050.