Enhance your marketing potential with SMS for business

So many people are taking their marketing services online these days, looking to reach out to potential leads and customers through social media and other channels. That’s great; did you know though that SMS for business is still one of the best ways possible to get your business message directly in front of a potential client almost instantly?

SMS for business is exactly what it sounds like; sending direct marketing messages to people whose data you have transparently and ethically collected (especially in lieu of GDPR legislation) to their phones.

With so many people active on Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy for marketing messages to get lost, no matter how creative they may look. A marketing message sent directly to somebody’s personal phone stands a far greater chance of being seen and acted upon, especially if the message is tailored to them in creative ways.

The facts speak for themselves; 98% of SMS messages are opened, while 94% are read within the first five minutes of being received. On average, people look at their phones 150 times a day, while 81% keep their phones on 24/7. SMS for business – when strategized properly – can be a hugely effective marketing and lead generation solution.

Personal SMS for business solutions that get you noticed

Claritel not only provides effective on- and off-site telecommunications services and solutions for businesses. We’re also able to provide an SMS for business service, providing a corporate SMS platform for customers looking to do more with the data they have collected from people who have agreed they’re happy to be marketed to via text message.

Claritel’s SMS for business platform is a fantastic and effective solution for partners who wish to send out a large number of texts to reach out to customers. That can be hugely effective, whether you’re looking to increase sales for a product, make people aware of an event or just provide a general customer service solution.

Thousands of SMS messages can be sent in just a few clicks, or can be scheduled to be sent at a later date. Claritel’s SMS for business service also provides analytics, so you’ll be able to see just how many people have engaged with your SMS after they’ve been sent out to your prospects.

What’s more, Claritel is able to offer bespoke, tailor-made marketing solutions for partners to help you get in front of the people who matter to you most in a cost-effective way.

SMS for business is a great lead generator

So, what are the benefits of SMS marketing with Claritel?

Lead generation: With Claritel’s inbound SMS solutions, you can gather more accurate customer information by doing ‘Text (your txt here) to 82228’ as an example. Customers will respond and provide you with the data most relevant to your growth – don’t forget that texts need to be GDPR-compliant, though…

Event planning: At the same time, effective SMS marketing can be used to generate crowds for events. It can also be a great way to encourage people to confirm their attendance, while you can also market other event services such as exclusive VIP offers. You can also go the extra mile in a customer-service sense by providing directions for them and other information.

Customer service: SMS marketing can provide better customer service in general, in fact. You could send a message of thanks to people who have made a purchase with your company, or even provide them with updates to the status of their order to always keep them informed.

Booking confirmation: Claritel’s SMS for business services can also help people to confirm bookings, package deliveries, ticket reservations, hair appointments and much more besides to help increase engagement with your core audience.