Get the right telecoms hardware to enhance business productivity

The office has evolved beyond recognition in the space of a decade. In has come the internet, meaning that sales and marketing teams aren’t as tied to their phones as they may have been just a few short years ago.

The telephone, though, is far from dead, and is still an essential and basic tool of the modern office. The days of sitting down on the phone all day are easing, though; a lot more offices are also introducing hardware for the benefit of their busy staff so they’re no longer tied to their phones or desks for hours on end.

The Claritel team will work closely with you and your team to ascertain the hardware that would be best for your team and to improve overall efficiency, as well as being able to provide free or discounted peripherals as part of a bespoke and tailored package, providing fantastic flexibility for you, your teams and your overall business.

Claritel’s telecoms specialists care as much about your business and overall growth as you do, and will strive to provide the best telecommunications peripherals possible to improve your overall working lives and enhance your ability to do business.

The right hardware can improve the way you do business

So, what peripherals and hardware do we have available at Claritel that can enhance and improve the efficiency of your business? Peripherals include:

Headsets: Headsets are a fantastic option for team members who have to be on the phone all day, whether that’s reaching out to new clients in an outbound fashion or receiving inbound calls from customers needing answers to common problems.

Headsets negate the need for staff to sit at their desk holding a handset all day long, which can put a lot of strain on an employee. Headsets offer far more freedom and flexibility, with hardware available in the most basic monoaural forms to more advanced options, including high-quality noise-cancelling headsets – perfect for busy office spaces.

Routers: Routers can be essential to an office’s connectivity to the internet. You’d be amazed, though, at how many enterprises stick with the router they’re given when they first sign up to an online service, neglecting it and not updating it. That’s hardly their fault, of course; it can be quite a technical process, and any mistakes could affect the flow of the office.

Claritel is able to provide enterprises with brand new routers which could enhance their connection to the internet, boost their overall speeds and improve office efficiency. The Claritel team will also be on hand to set up your new router for you and provide overall maintenance to ensure that you, your team and your business will be up and running as soon as it’s installed.

Switches: If you’re looking for extra hardware in the form of switches, Claritel’s got you covered. Claritel is able to provide all types of switches, from POE to non-POE and as many ports as you require to enhance your overall business operations.

System-specific add-ons: Have you wandered around the office and felt you could benefit from an extra piece of hardware? Maybe you have a couple of new employees starting and could use some extra phones or headsets. Maybe you’re in a position to hire a receptionist; they’d be able to answer calls and direct them more efficiently if they had access to a reception console.

If that sounds like you, Claritel can help. Just give your dedicated project manager a call and we’ll handle the rest, providing you with extra hardware, providing you training on how to use it, installing it quickly and effectively, and much more besides.