Preparing Your Business For Coronavirus With Claritel

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You’re probably tired of hearing about Coronavirus. At this point, I think most people are. However, if like us, you run your own business, the regular COVID-19 updates are crucial.

As a business owner or employer, you will probably be checking the news for any new information that might shine a light on where to go from here.

Do you put extra cleaning measures in place and continue to work from your business premises? Do you suspend all meetings and send some staff home to minimise the number of people coming in and out of your business?

Or do you send everyone home and try to continue as normal from home. If working from home isn’t possible, how do you continue communicating effectively with your clients/customers?

For businesses, employers and employees, it is an incredibly worrying time. The team at Claritel would like to do everything we can to support you.

Current Government Advice For Businesses And Employees

As it stands, the UK government is asking businesses and workplaces to encourage their employees to work at home, wherever possible. This is to help minimise the spread of the deadly infection and slow the number of illnesses.

For some businesses, working from home is not a problem. Whereas other industries such as manufacturing and construction, cannot continue as normal unless they are in their place of work or on-site.

Currently, the UK is not on lockdown. This means your business can continue as normal for the time being. As long as you are putting extra precautions in place and following Government advice, yourself and your employees should be OK.

government advice on coronavirus UK

However, as we know by now, things can change incredibly quickly when it comes to COVID-19. With the number of confirmed cases and deaths rising, it’s expected that England will follow in the footsteps of China and Italy and may go into lockdown within the next few days/weeks.

As a business owner, it is essential to put measures in place now. So, when and if the time comes that your employees MUST work from home, or your business MUST close, you have a plan in place.

Working From Home With The Help Of Claritel

If your employees can work from home, you are going to need the correct tools and services to successfully set up a functioning home office for yourself and your employees.

If your business doesn’t have the option to work from home, you’re going to have to put plans in place for business continuity in the future. This might include contacting customers beforehand and still being able to respond to your clients when they call – even if you’re “closed”.

Here at Claritel, we are a trustworthy business telecommunications company based in Blackburn, Lancashire. Our business telecommunications services and solutions will be able to help your business when it comes to remote working. Similarly, our services and solutions may be helpful to your business continuity plan if you need to close.

Your options for remote working and business continuity following the temporary closure of your company may include:

  • Remote working with mobile apps / PC applications
  • Emergency messaging
  • Audio/video conferencing solutions
  • Call handling services
  • Call diverts

If you have any questions about remote working, or you would like to know how we can help your business through this challenging time, get in touch with the Claritel team here. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0344 412 8050 or e-mail

working from home due to coronavirus

Claritel & Coronavirus

We would like to reassure all of our clients old and new that the team at Claritel are currently working as normal. Like the majority of people, we are monitoring the Coronavirus situation daily and taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our staff.

We already have a plan in place should we need to work remotely. As always, we are aiming to maintain high levels of service for our clients.

Even if we are forced to close, we will still be working behind the scenes from home and you will be able to reach us if needed.

We still have full access to our support network, so hopefully, we will be able to provide our usual level of service. However, some installations and orders may face delays as expected.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!